Month: May 2016

AFK + TEG = Magic

This masterpiece i covering an entire wall in Kong Oscars gate. This is a capture of the lower part. Artist: AFK + TEG Advertisements

Graffiti in Storetveitveien 33

In Storetveitveien 33, side by side works from TEG, DAKE and GEST. Artist: Bares

C215 in Bergen, May 21st 2016

Book-signing in Vault Studios in Bergen at 15:00 today, by Christian Guemy. The book is called “The monograph”.  C215 left his mark in Bergen: Artist: C215

Gas mask kissing time

Fageråsveien had a surprisingly high number of artworks one wednesday evening in April. Artist: RIP

Introducing Teg Artworks

In Storetveitveien 33, not far from Wergeland. To my knowledge it is done by the artist “Teg”. Other artists on this wall are DAKE, BARES and GEST. Artist: Teg

Justice for all?

At Kronstad, next to Høgskolen i Bergen. A portrait of the norwegian minister of justice and public security, Anders Anundsen. Artist: VEST

JOY’s Gollum

Gollum as a parking attendant, by “Kaffemisjonen” on Øvre Korskirkeallmenningen. Artist: JOY

Ice mountain by the fjord

At Florida, under Nygårdsbroen. Artist: MEDNØTT

Close, but no sigar

In Bjørnsons gate, across the road from the restaurant Mingel Gastrobar. Artist: Unknown

Yatzy on a rainy day

Today I found a new packpacker from Yatzy in Kaigaten, not far from Bergen rådhus. Artist: Yatzy On the other side I found the “signature” of Teg: Artist: Teg