Month: May 2016


In Damsgårdsveien, Solheimsviken. Artist: LCI Advertisements

Seagull in Hagerups vei

Has it got swimming goggles or glasses? I bet it’s goggles! Artist: RIP

Blue wolf

Under the bridge “Nygårdsbroen”, on “Gamle Nygårdsbro”. Artist: Unknown

Musician with a guitar

In Kanalveien, by the NRK-building. Artist: LCI

Pink and pretty

At the parking lot at Rema 1000, Wergeland. Artist: Unknown

Skateboarding gnome

Skating off a wall on Landås skole. Artist: Unknown


Also in Lars Hilles gate, among many others. Artist: PØBEL

In Voss, not Bergen

… but still a nice piece. It has captured the essence of Voss. Artist: LaStaa

Postman Pat and Miss

In Hagerups vei. An old one, by the looks of It, but not gone. Artist: Snurre