Street art project at SKUR 14 ØiB

Location: Holbergskaien 1


Craving for champagne?

“Skin deep selfie”, Artist: RC

Bob Dylan, Artist: RIP

“Cover up love”, Artist: RIP

Johnny Rotten, Artists: RIP & LCI

David Bowie, Artist: RIP

Amy Winehouse, Artist: RIP

“Rock legends”, Artist: LCI

Artist: LCI

“The little shaman”, “An angels anatomy” among others….

Artist: BFG

Artist: Barnslig

Artist: Nimi

Dried fish, Artist: HUR

Stuck“, Artist: MOT

Freidig frøken/Cheeky miss“, Artist: Forglemmegei

📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, June 30th 2017

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I am just a man, walking the streets

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