Location: Dreggen

A little boy from a local “Buekorps” in Bergen.

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“Buekorps (Norwegian: [ˈbʉːəˌkɔrps], literally “Bow Corps” or “Archery Brigade”) are traditional marching neighbourhood youth organizations in Bergen, Norway.

The tradition is unique to Bergen. The organizations, which are called ‘bataljoner’ (battalions), were first formally organized in the 1850s and are run entirely by the youths themselves. Fourteen[citation needed] different such battalions are active in Bergen, each belonging to a certain part of town.”


Artist: Malc

📷 by: Cecilia Jæger Soulère, April 20th 2019

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One thought on ““Rævadilter”

  1. Dette skulle vi hatt på Skjoldtunet Sykehjem nå som det er fokus på Typisk Bergensk i anledning 950 års markering


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