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About StreetartBergen

A personal view of the streets of Bergen, an effort to put Bergen on the streetart map.  Photographs from my iPhone’s camera roll are made avilable to all. I leave to the viewers to have an opinion about the art.

The blog was started April 2016, as the famous website http://www.motveggen.com/ became inactive.

The photographs and the website are not for commercial use. For any use of the pictures, please ask nicely. 🙂


E-mail: ove.jaeger.eriksen@gmail.com
– Please feel free to send us your photos of Bergen street art, to be published on the blog.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oveje/

Media about the blog:

  1. https://hostelgeeks.com/de/27-reisetipps-bergen-norwegen/
  2. Lofotposten, about M.u.M
  3. Inspiredbymaps.com
  4. https://medium.com/@turicum/streetart-in-bergen-5a453406dce4
  5. Ove og Cecilia i Bergensavisen
  6. http://inkstonepress.com/tag/ove-jaeger-eriksen/
  7. https://medium.com/@krisgage/what-you-really-need-to-hear-based-on-what-you-think-you-need-a9b9e08ac6d2 – has credited one of the photos from the blog.

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