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“Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization” by AFK

Location: Hans Holmboes gate/Fosswinckels gate A piece (“Making a martyr”) by local artist AFK has caught a lot of attention the past few days, and caused a lot of fuss: Bergens Tidende VG – Verdens Gang Dagbladet Photos by: Øistein Jakobsen, April…

More at Neumann Bygg

Location: Neumann Bygg/Sandviksboder This is what AFK’s piece “fuck hipocrisy” looks like in the end: Several other artists has been covering the same wall: Artist: RC Artist: AFK Artist: Forglemmegei Artist: LISE Artist: Komodo Dragons? Artist: TEG 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, September 30th…

Happening at Neumann Bygg

Location: Skuteviksboder In the days before the UCI Road World Championships Bergen 2017, this wall was decorated by a number of local street artists. “Tidsklemma” Artist: JOY Alien donut……. Artist: Barnslig “Fuck hipocrisy”, “War on terror/war is error” Artist: AFK More pictures from the…

Empire of sweet dreams

Location: Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport A brilliant, 70 meters long piece by local artist AFK, containing a lot of hidden messages. Let’s take a closer look: “Don’t let your fear of looking stupid hold you back” “Lest we forget DynCorp” “Banksy did it” “Nammo”…

War child

Location: Os, near Bergen The piece was put up twice, but is no longer there.  Artist: AFK 📷 by: Øistein Jakobsen, March 14th 2016

Cognitive dissonance

Location: Møhlenpris, Thormøhlensgate Artist: AFK 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, June 3rd 2017

Exhibition: “Kunstaksjonen, første akt”

On June 2nd I was fortunate enough to attend an exhibition in Kalfaret Brygghus, featuring some of Bergen’s finest street artists, along with visitor Sandie Carol Dougnac from Vitry, France and others. The website: Kunstaksjonen Sandie Carol Dougnac was interviewed by Christer Holm from Gategalleriet….

Spiritual science

The artist asks: “Can meditation effect the world around you?”. Location: Bergen Kino, Neumanns gate Artist: AFK, Instagram account 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 9th 2017

“Kalle -73” by AFK

Location: Fosswinckels gate Artist: AFK, Instagram account 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, February 25th 2017

The beginning is near

Location: Smørsbroen Artist: AFK, Instagram account Photo by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, February 19th 2017