Pop art & street art xhibition

KGalleri recently hosted a pop art & street art xhibition at Magic Hotel Solheimsviken. Some of the featured artist were Nimi, AFK, RIP, Bliss, Mito, Crib, Helt Sort, Lise, Slava Nemes and more. Here are some of the artworks: I bought this print, “Wings” by Bliss. It is going up on my wall soon. PhotosContinue reading “Pop art & street art xhibition”

“The Trivium”

Location: Jon Smørs gate, under Smørsbroen The artists own words in connection to the piece: “I AM only ONE… But still I AM ONE… I cannot do everything… but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything… I will NOT refuse… to do that which I can do. – Helen Keller” Artist:Continue reading ““The Trivium””

“Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization” by AFK

Location: Hans Holmboes gate/Fosswinckels gate A piece (“Making a martyr”) by local artist AFK has caught a lot of attention the past few days, and caused a lot of fuss: Bergens Tidende NRK.no Tv2.no VG – Verdens Gang Dagbladet Photos by: Øistein Jakobsen, April 2nd 2018 The piece is criticizing the media’s coverage of theContinue reading ““Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization” by AFK”

More at Neumann Bygg

Location: Neumann Bygg/Sandviksboder This is what AFK’s piece “fuck hipocrisy” looks like in the end: Several other artists has been covering the same wall: Artist: RC Artist: AFK Artist: Forglemmegei Artist: LISE Artist: Komodo Dragons? Artist: TEG 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, September 30th 2017

Happening at Neumann Bygg

Location: Skuteviksboder In the days before the UCI Road World Championships Bergen 2017, this wall was decorated by a number of local street artists. “Tidsklemma” Artist: JOY Alien donut……. Artist: Barnslig “Fuck hipocrisy”, “War on terror/war is error” Artist: AFK More pictures from the wall will be posted later. 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, SeptemberContinue reading “Happening at Neumann Bygg”

Empire of sweet dreams

Location: Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport A brilliant, 70 meters long piece by local artist AFK, containing a lot of hidden messages. Let’s take a closer look: “Don’t let your fear of looking stupid hold you back” “Lest we forget DynCorp” “Banksy did it” “Nammo” “Our future lies in the truth of our past” Artist: AFKContinue reading “Empire of sweet dreams”