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Gemini by ARGUS

Location: Florida, Bergen Artist: ARGUS, Instagram: @argusgate 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen

Boy meets girl

From a trip passed Møhlenpris today, June 25th 2016: Artist: ARGUS


In Vestre Skostredet. For more info, check out ARGUS’ own post. The word on the street is that it was the artist Nimi’s idea, but the stencil was made by ARGUS. The co-operation ended for ideological reasons. Artist: ARGUS 📷 Photo by: Ove JĂŚger Eriksen

A girl in “bunad”

St. Jakobs plass/Lars Hilles gate. Artist: ARGUS

ARGUS in Møllendalsveien

Artist: ARGUS

A dagger  on yellow background

In Lars Hilles gate. Is it maybe a tribute to the artist Dolk? Artist: ARGUS

Beheaded, Hans Conrad Schumann

More about the man in the picture. Artist: ARGUS

What does the fox say?  

BART has done a large wall in Møllendalsveien, near Bunnpris, featuring different artists. Artist: NEWTON

The old man and the sea

Resting on a pillar on NygĂĽrdsbroen. Is it King Neptune? Artist: ARGUS

Walking the dog

…In NygĂĽrdsgaten. Artist: ARGUS