Category: ARGUS

A posing blonde

Also in Nyg√•rdsgaten, on the “ARGUS-strip” ūüėÄ Artist: ARGUS


In Lars Hilles gate. Obama and a coke, combined. Artist: ARGUS

The girl with the power button, “Power off”

The power button is obviously on the other side of the wooden fence ūüėČ In Nyg√•rdsgaten, Bergen. Artist: ARGUS

Just hangin’ out

This guy is hanging just above the girl with the power button, done by the same artist. Nyg√•rdsgaten, Bergen.  Artist: ARGUS

Selfie queen

A selfie, or is she capturing the photographer? You will find this piece on “Hyssingen produksjonsskole” in M√łllendalsveien. ¬† Artist: ARGUS, Instagram account Photo by: Ove J√¶ger Eriksen