Street art project at SKUR 14 ØiB

Location: Holbergskaien 1 Facebook: Craving for champagne? “Skin deep selfie”, Artist: RC Bob Dylan, Artist: RIP “Cover up love”, Artist: RIP Johnny Rotten, Artists: RIP & LCI David Bowie, Artist: RIP Amy Winehouse, Artist: RIP “Rock legends”, Artist: LCI Artist: LCI “The little shaman”, “An angels anatomy” among others…. Artist: BFG Artist: Barnslig Artist: Nimi DriedContinue reading “Street art project at SKUR 14 ØiB”

Happening at Neumann Bygg

Location: Skuteviksboder In the days before the UCI Road World Championships Bergen 2017, this wall was decorated by a number of local street artists. “Tidsklemma” Artist: JOY Alien donut……. Artist: Barnslig “Fuck hipocrisy”, “War on terror/war is error” Artist: AFK More pictures from the wall will be posted later. 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, SeptemberContinue reading “Happening at Neumann Bygg”