Penguins on ice… Meet the locals

Location: Bryggesporen/Kong Oscars gate Penguins surfing on an ice cube in a cup from McDonald’s. After my wife shot this, a bunch of tourists followed her lead… Artist: Dypedal 📷 by: Cecilia Jæger Soulère, July 8th 2018 19F08A5C-445E-4D35-BB8E38323C3B8E79-BC76B28F-8957-4509-B82D7BDD49C3EEFB

Tiny people in town

Proper waste management…. removal of “snus” in the streets. Location: The student centre at the University of Bergen Title: “Farlig avfall” “Save the helium” The artist own words: “On this location, some of the balloon sellers on the Norwegian National Day cut off the rope of hundreds of balloons… Don’t waste helium, please!”. Location: BergenContinue reading “Tiny people in town”