Fresh portraits

Location: Solheimsgaten The artist is Rodrigo Cortez (RC). He came to Bergen from Chile as a child, and grew up in this neighbourhood/area. The faces belong to some of the residents of Solheim home for senior citizens and to pupils from Ny-Krohnborg school. Rodrigo wants to give back to the community through his art. PhotosContinue reading “Fresh portraits”

RC’s boys at Møhlenpris

Location: Ole Vigs gate, Møhlenpris A portrait of Oscar Müller, who died in Auschwitz concentration camp 73 years ago, and Jemil Kaise, a 13 year old, local football player. Past and present come together i one mural. More about the piece: Article from Bergens Tidende Artist: RC 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, July 4th 2018

More at Neumann Bygg

Location: Neumann Bygg/Sandviksboder This is what AFK’s piece “fuck hipocrisy” looks like in the end: Several other artists has been covering the same wall: Artist: RC Artist: AFK Artist: Forglemmegei Artist: LISE Artist: Komodo Dragons? Artist: TEG 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, September 30th 2017

Street art project at SKUR 14 ØiB

Location: Holbergskaien 1 Facebook: Craving for champagne? “Skin deep selfie”, Artist: RC Bob Dylan, Artist: RIP “Cover up love”, Artist: RIP Johnny Rotten, Artists: RIP & LCI David Bowie, Artist: RIP Amy Winehouse, Artist: RIP “Rock legends”, Artist: LCI Artist: LCI “The little shaman”, “An angels anatomy” among others…. Artist: BFG Artist: Barnslig Artist: Nimi DriedContinue reading “Street art project at SKUR 14 ØiB”