Category: RC

The troll’s childhood

Location: Nyg√•rdsparken Artist: RC, Ami, MUM  ūüď∑ by: Ove J√¶ger Eriksen, June 3rd 2017

Mural by RC and Nimi

Location: Christian Michelsen Artists: RC, Nimi ūüď∑ by: Ove J√¶ger Eriksen, February 19th 2017

Just sitting on a wall

Location: Skostredet Artist: RC, Instagram: @rcart_ Photo by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, October 7th 2016

A house decorated by BART

Location: Engen Artists: Anne Angelshaug, Gunvor Rasmussen, Barnslig, M.U.M. / Instagram: @anneangelshaug, @gunvorr,  @barnslig_ & @_m.u.m_ Artist: MUM / Instagram: @_m.u.m_ Artist: RC / Instagram: @rcart_