Category: Unknown artist

An old piece at Fana Gymnas

Artist: Unknown

Red and orange portrait

In Damsgårdsveien, below “Strax-huset”. Artist: Unknown

A map over Laksevåg

There are several of these stencils in this part of the city, marked by red dots on the maps. Happy hunting! Artist: Unknown

Kaptein Sabeltann

This looks like a pirate known to most norwegian children. His name is Kaptein Sabeltann. Artist: Unknown

Another peacock

In Lars Hilles gate, next to SATS gym. Artist: Unknown


On the other side of the container in Møllendalsveien, painted by M.u.M. I am not sure he has done this one too. Artist: Unknown

A shoal of mackerels…?

Also in Fageråsveien, around the corner from the stencil of the Rolling Stones. Artist: Unknown


In Fageråsveien, next to the artwork of the Rolling Stones. Artist: Unknown

Close, but no sigar

In Bjørnsons gate, across the road from the restaurant Mingel Gastrobar. Artist: Unknown

Blue wolf

Under the bridge “Nygårdsbroen”, on “Gamle Nygårdsbro”. Artist: Unknown