Princess Leia

Location:O. J. Brochs gate

The force is strong in that one….

Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 21st 2020


A series of 10 pieces.

The artists own words from his Instragram account:

“My thoughts of the hour glass (No. 2), representing the self isolation we are living in, at this moment, as the snow falls and melts outside, I’m reminded, how fragile this moment really is. Sitting home with family watching my internal world wonder around me, the laughs and joys as the kids scream and play, the coffee in my hand warming me as I look out, I hear noises from all corners of the house, we are finè, this will pass but I will enjoy the moment of stillness gifted me.”

Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 21st 2020

Closed for business


Apart from the obvious interpretation that capitalism is closed for business, the artist hopes that this artwork will inspire the bright students to think deeper.

The lizard on the right is a previous piece (Gordon Gekko vol. II) by the artist Newton.

Photo by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 21st 2020

Artist: AFK