Girl painting a flower

From the stairs between the hospital (Haukeland) and Haukelandsbakken. 

Artist: ARAM


Beheaded, Hans Conrad Schumann

More about the man in the picture.

Artist: ARGUS

What does the fox say?  


BART has done a large wall in Møllendalsveien, near Bunnpris, featuring different artists.

Artist: NEWTON

Save the planet

In the hills up Løvstien towards Melkeplassen. 

Artist: Unknown

“Glor du på?” – What are you looking at?

At Rema 1000 by Krambua, Fjøsanger. 

Artist: JOY

Peacock, flowers and a pretty face

A flower on a bus stop in Skrivergaten/Løbergsveien.

This beautiful bird was “lost” on April 21st 2016. Rest in peace! It lived and died in the tunnels under the freeway on Danmarks plass.

And finally, a pretty face from the tunnels…


The wanderer

At Wergeland, where Bybanen stops.

Artist: RIP

Don Quixote – Bananas

Look for it in Skostredet.

Artist: AFK

The old man and the sea

Resting on a pillar on Nygårdsbroen. Is it King Neptune?

Artist: ARGUS

Walking the dog

…In Nygårdsgaten.

Artist: ARGUS