Ice mountain by the fjord

At Florida, under Nygårdsbroen.


Close, but no sigar

In Bjørnsons gate, across the road from the restaurant Mingel Gastrobar.

Artist: Unknown

Yatzy on a rainy day

Today I found a new packpacker from Yatzy in Kaigaten, not far from Bergen rådhus.

Artist: Yatzy

On the other side I found the “signature” of Teg:

Artist: Teg

Another Mickey

This time mouse-eared man appears on a temporary wall in Solheimsviken.

Artist: RIP

A dagger  on yellow background


In Lars Hilles gate. Is it maybe a tribute to the artist Dolk?

Artist: ARGUS

Gaute Haugland

In Skostredet area, among many other fantastic works of art.

Artist: Gaute Haugland, from Uskedalen (according to mutual friends)

Black samurai

From a wall in Skostredet.

Artist: REBEL

Children playing in the streets 

“Drive carefully. Children are playing.”. I captured the piece in Damsgårdsveien, Solheimsviken.

Artist: ENDEN

A little kitten

Also in Skostredet. Painted by the french street artist “C215“. 

Artist: C215

Mermaid under the bridge

She is sitting under Nygårdsbroen, all by herself.

Artist: Snurre