In Voss, not Bergen

… but still a nice piece. It has captured the essence of Voss.


Artist: LaStaa

Postman Pat and Miss

In Hagerups vei. An old one, by the looks of It, but not gone.

Artist: Snurre


At the new Landås skole. The school has not yet been opened.

Artist: NIMI

The fly hunter

In Storetveitveien 33, among works from TEG, BARES and GEST.

Artist: DAKE

Star Wars “At-at”

Under Nygårdsbroen, next to the Bybanen tracks. A charming, little “At-at”.

Artist: Miss_snok

Black and white portrait

By BIR in Møllendalsveien.

Artist: RIP


In Lars Hilles gate. 

Artist: YATZY

Be conscious


The first two pictures taken at Hop.

The last picture is taken at Fana Gymnas.




Artist: Be conscious ?

Milk it

Inside the restaurant “BARE” on Torgallmenningen. Remove the street from the art, and what do you get? Just art?

Artist: AFK

Man’s best friend, “Tolerance”

On a wall in Nattlandsveien, close to Landås.

Artist: AFK