Tag: Ami

Yarn on a box

Location: Solheimsgaten

Yarn art at Minde

Location: Minde Allé/Kanalveien Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, June 12th & 13th 2020

“The wall 2020”

Location: Spelhaugen, Fyllingsdalen The street art festival “The wall 2020” took place from May 20th to May 24th 2020. The word on the street is that 2,6 million Norwegian kroner was donated to cover a 700m2 wall with 1500 cans of paint. The “drive… Continue Reading ““The wall 2020””

Yarn art in the streets

Location: Professor Keysers gate Photo by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 21st 2020

Hangin’ with friends

Location: Solheimsgaten Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, November 5th 2019

A new home, a fresh start

Location: @home When these lovely creatures from Amistreetart fell to the ground, we decided to give them a new home, and maybe a brand new life. Our first thought is to put them in a frame on a wall. They deserve some attention. For… Continue Reading “A new home, a fresh start”

Ami at the hospital

Location: Jonas Lies vei / Kvinneklinikken Artist: Ami 📷 By: Ove Jæger Eriksen, February 5th 2019

Another yarn bomb

Location: Ibsens gate Just hanging casually… Artist: Ami 📷 By: Ove Jæger Eriksen, January 17th 2019

Yarn art

Location: Edvard Griegs vei/Årstad videregående skole Artist: Ami 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, December 18th 2018

Ami keeps busy

Location: Ibsens gate/Pinnelien/Edvard Griegs vei Artist: Ami 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, May 29th 2017