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Neo Nakba

Location: Hans Holmboes gate Showing Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel), Donald Trump (President of the USA) and Jared Kushner (Donald Trump’s advisor and son-in-law). Trump is holding a pirate version of Isreal’s flag. Nakba is another name for the 1948 Palestinian exodus. Nakba… Continue Reading “Neo Nakba”

«Faris Odeh»

Location: SKUR 14, Holbergskaien Words borrowed from fellow street art enthusiast, Øistein Jakobsen: Faris Odeh (December 1985 – 8 November 2000) was a Palestinian boy shot dead by the Israel Defense Forces near the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip while throwing stones in… Continue Reading “«Faris Odeh»”

“Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization” by AFK

Location: Hans Holmboes gate/Fosswinckels gate A piece (“Making a martyr”) by local artist AFK has caught a lot of attention the past few days, and caused a lot of fuss: Bergens Tidende NRK.no Tv2.no VG – Verdens Gang Dagbladet Photos by: Øistein Jakobsen, April… Continue Reading ““Making a martyr – Distraction by polarization” by AFK”