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More about WikiLeaks & Assange

The pieces from the same area are signed by “Sak*en” and seems to be pro Assange and free press. Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 21st 2020

The un-usual suspects

Location: Lysverket, Rasmus Meyers allé Featuring Snowden, Assange and more… Arist: AFK 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, September 28th 2019

The persecution – lest we forget

Location: Fosswinckels gate/Hans Holmboes gate A piece featuring Julian Assange, known from WikiLeaks. It immediately caused a lot of discussion, attention and newspaper articles were written. Artist: AFK 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, April 20th 2019