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Portrait, black and white

At Muséplass, Universitetet i Bergen. Artist: YATZY / Instagram: @yatzystreetart

Old man at the pier

At “Bryggen” in Bergen. Put up in August 2015. Location: USF Verftet Artist: YATZY / Instagram: @yatzystreetart 📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen

No. 20

Location: Skostredet. 🌸 Artist: Yatzy? 📷 Photos by: Ove Jæger Eriksen

Father and child

One of many “treasures” in Skostredet. 🌸 Artist: Yatzy 📷 Photo by: Ove Jæger Eriksen

Yatzy on a rainy day

Today I found a new packpacker from Yatzy in Kaigaten, not far from Bergen rådhus. Artist: Yatzy On the other side I found the “signature” of Teg: Artist: Teg


In Lars Hilles gate.    Artist: YATZY